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  Claudia Bassauer arrived from Switzerland in 1991. The plan was to stay for
6 months, but the Love of the Tropics and its Pristine Nature, Wildlife and
beauty kept her here.

It was also the pure and open people who live in and around Cabuya that
caused her to fall in love with this place even more.

Claudia has lived in Cabuya for more than 22 years and is still Inspired
With Every Breath on her daily walks with her 3 dogs. She was working on
big projects with her former partner like building a Paradise up the river in
the jungle, all by horse and manpower.

She also trains and works her own horses in a different and playful way and
will do private horse tours for advanced riders only.

Inspired by nature she loves variation in any kind
of handcrafts, jewelry, hammock, paintings,
driftwood sculptures and one of a kind healthy
Kombucha weekly brewed.

Running her own rentals and working in the
gardens keeps a healthy body and a flexible mind.

Caring for newcomers to being an information
source and even a psychiatrist once in a while.

Her unique driftwood collection swells in numbers
every rainy season. This is magic time when
mother nature opens up and shows her true beauty.

After many years of transforming materials from the seashore into one of a kind natural art and lamps she observes they are becoming more ZEN-LIKE.

  The first Cabuya Concha Lamp, Present of Neptune was created and the
fascination was so intense and absolutely mesmerizing it was purchased
immediately. These lamps are her specialty and she calls them the Love
and Meditation - Lights. The orange, yellow and red tones are so calming
that the reaction of the people who see them is always Awww Wow!

That's the connection. Her lamps find Happy Owners from all over the
world. More than one testimonial mentions the feeling of the lights
warming up the ambient temperature during a cold and dark winter time.

They say it "Feels like you have a little fire in the corner". The Amor de Mar
Hotel in Montezuma has the biggest collection of Tropic Illuminations
lamps. Owner Ori Braun is proud of showing the public the beauty of these
lamps. Also Richard Stocker is a big collector of Claudia's lamps and says
"The Concha Lamp is for him like a live organ, like a heart pounding.
Home Art By Claudia Natural Jewelry Hammocks About Claudia Rental Homes Contact
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